A library to integrate image recognition into your iPhone mobile applications in seconds.
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Moodstocks iPhone SDK


Moodstocks iPhone SDK enables you to integrate image recognition into your iPhone mobile applications in seconds. It has been built to work on iOS SDK 3.0 and higher.

Basically it wraps the native image picker component, and adds some magic like encoding, querying, and parsing. And you get a cool scanning effect for free!


To integrate Moodstocks iPhone SDK into your application:

  • Drag MoodstocksSDK.h and libMoodstocksSDK.a from the library/ directory into your Xcode project
  • On your Xcode project, expand the Targets section and double-click your application's target
  • Click on the General tab and add the following frameworks into the Linked Libraries section:
    • CFNetwork
    • SystemConfiguration
    • MobileCoreServices
    • CoreGraphics
    • QuartzCore
    • libz.1.2.3
  • Click on the Build tab, choose All Configurations and add -ObjC -all_load for the Other Linker Flags setting

You'll find an example application into sample/DemoApp which is properly configured.

Using the SDK

Before you start using the SDK, you must first register for an account on Moodstocks API, create an access key and import reference images to be recognized.

Then, the SDK is pretty similar to the iOS UIImagePickerController:

  • Initialize an MImagePickerController with your API key and secret pair
  • Present it modally
  • Implement the MImagePickerControllerDelegate protocol:
    • imagePickerController:didFinishQueryingWithInfo:: this method is called when the image recognition has completed. It returns a dictionary that includes the status (ok or error), the message (useful when an error occurs) and the list of matches that refer to the item IDs you've imported into Moodstocks API. This list is empty in case of no match found.
    • imagePickerControllerDidCancel:: this method is called when the end user decides to cancel the current image image picker

Fore more details, please refer to the sample/DemoApp example application that fully illustrates how to use the SDK.

Contact us

For more details feel free to join us on our support chat, or contact us by email at contact@moodstocks.com.


Copyright (c) 2010 Moodstocks SAS