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Add some suggestions for software to fetch screen capture

Just some suggested applications that can be used for capture screen
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2. Take a quick look to see if anyone else has already raised an issue on the [issues page]( It makes it much easier to track a discussion around a single issue rather than dealing with duplicates
Once you're happy that your issue / feature hasn't already been raised or fixed feel free to raise it!
# Screen capture - suggestions
Below are a few methods/apps that can be used to create screen capture and small videos:
## Windows
There is a built in tool call [Snipping Tool](
which is simple and can be used for screenshots. Otherwise check the below software:
- [ShareX]( - Screenshots + video capture
- [Greenshot]( - Screenshots
## MacOS
MacOS does have built in shortcuts to do screenshots also. To find out more see:
[Apple Support]( or check out the below software:
- [GIMP]( - Screenshots
- [Skitch]( - Screenshots
- [LICEcap]( - Video capture
## Linux
Most linux systems you can use standard Print Screen like for example gnome that has
a built in screenshot tool. Below are a few suggestion of software though:
- [GIMP]( - Screenshots
- [Peek]( - Video capture

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