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an API mocking server made with Node.js
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Mocking Bird

Mocking Bird is an YAML-driven API mocking server implemented in Node. We like bloat-free, easy-to-implement mocks a lot more over conventional design approaches which often start with a document.

Bootstrapping and running the app locally

Simply call npm install. All the dependencies are listed in package.json for npm to reference.

% npm install

After this, you can either run the app thru the foreman gem (thru foreman start) or run it directly using Node:

% node mocking.js

To run MockingBird in drafting mode, install supervisor:

% npm install supervisor -g


The application can be hosted on Heroku using the Cedar stack. To provision a Celadron Cedar stack, follow instructions on Getting Started With Node.js on Heroku/Cedar.

Notice that Heroku push ignores all Git branches other than master. If you are testing a custom branch, do this to push contents on your own branch as master on Heroku:

% git push heroku -f myBranch:master

If anything went wrong, use this:

% heroku logs

Test it

% curl -d "creator_id=be8afc91b69d11e08303109a&creation_device_name=android&text=somethingherer" http://<host:port>/api/0/article

  "creator_id": "be8afc91b69d11e08303109a",
  "creation_device_name": "android",
  "text": "somethingherer",
  "timestamp": "2011-07-21T11:09:20.074773",
  "comment_count": 0,
  "comments": [],
  "files": [],
  "id": "81286c2d6b6e19bde013ac9919d22f041ca4ea14b855f9a0"


  • RESTful support
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