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Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters using Wavefront
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Wavefront is a high-performance streaming analytics platform for monitoring and optimizing your environment and applications.

The Wavefront Kubernetes Collector enables monitoring Kubernetes clusters and sending metrics to Wavefront.


  • Collects real-time metrics from all layers of a Kubernetes environment
  • Multiple sources of metrics providing comprehensive insight
  • Annotation and configuration based auto discovery of pods and services
  • Daemonset mode for high scalability
  • Rich filtering support.
  • Auto reload of configuration changes
  • Emits internal health metrics for tracking the state of your collector deployments


  • Kubernetes 1.9+


The collector is plugin-driven and supports collecting metrics from multiple sources and writing metrics to Wavefront using a Wavefront proxy or via direct ingestion. See the configuration doc for detailed configuration information.


Multiple sources are supported and can be configured using the --source flag.

For example, to configure the Kubernetes source:


To configure a Prometheus source to scrape metrics from a kube-state-metrics endpoint:


Multiple prometheus sources can be added to scrape additional endpoints.

Auto Discovery

The collector can auto discover pods and services that export Prometheus format metrics. See the discovery documentation for details.

Sending metrics to Wavefront

Using Wavefront Proxy


Using Direct Ingestion



The collector can be deployed as a daemonset (per node agent) or as a single cluster level agent.

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Retain the deploy/kubernetes/4-collector-daemonset.yaml or deploy/kubernetes/4-collector-deployment.yaml depending on which mode you'd like to deploy the collector as. Remove the other file.
  3. Run kubectl apply -f deploy/kubernetes

To verify the installation, run:

kubectl get pods -n wavefront-collector


This collector supports monitoring of Openshift Origin 3.9 clusters. See for detailed installation instructions.

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