Suite of parallel iterative algorithms built on top of Iterative Reduce
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Metronome is a suite of parallel iterative algorithms that run natively on Hadoop's Next Generation YARN platform.

  • Algorithms
    • Parallel Neural Networks
    • Parallel linear regression
    • Parallel logistic regression
    • Parallel K-means
    • Restricted Boltzmann Machines
    • Deep Belief Networks (Layers of RBMs with a discriminitive layer)
  • Scales linearly with input size
  • Built on top of BSP-style computation framework "Iterative Reduce" (Hadoop / YARN)
  • Packaged in a new suite of parallel iterative algorithms called Metronome on [IterativeReduce] (
    • 100% Java, ASF 2.0 Licensed, on github


Hadoop Summit EU 2013

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Video of Presentation from Hadoop Summit EU 2013

BigDataTechCon 2013

MLConf 2013


Contributors and Special Thanks

  • Adam Gibson
  • Michael Katzenellenbollen
  • Dr. Jason Baldridge
  • Dr. James Scott
  • Paul Wilkinson
  • David Kale