Python LSTM Python library for getting things done quickly, greatly, and without waiting 50 years for compilation
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Cython LSTM.ipynb
Recurrent Net.ipynb

Cython LSTM

@author Jonathan Raiman @date 3rd November 2014

See the current implementation on this notebook.


  • Multi Layer Perceptrons

  • Backprop over the network

  • Tanh, Logistic, Softmax, Rectifier, Linear activations

  • Recurrent Neural Networks (Hidden states only, no memory)

  • Backprop through time

  • Draw graph of network using matplotlib (see notebook)

  • Training using SGD or batch gradient descent

  • Tensor networks (quadratic form connecting layers)

Key design goals

  • are to mimic simplicity and practicaly of Pynnet and Cybrain / Pybrain.

  • Model connections using matrices not explicit connections (to get vector algebra involved)

  • Construct and run million parameter models for LSTM and RNN type models

  • Be able to run AdaGrad / RMSprop on gradients easily

Icing on the cake

  • Support dtype float32, float64 (currently float32), and int32 / int64 for indices

  • BackProp through structure

  • Variable input size indices for RNN (so batches of different sequence sizes can be run adjacent to one another -- currently difficult given numpy array size restrictions)

  • Language Models / Hiearchical Softmax parameters

  • Have an interface for Theano variables if needed (avoid compilation times and make everything cythonish)