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PyData, The Complete Works

The unofficial index of all PyData talks. This was intially going to be a pickled pandas DataFrame object, but then I decided against it. So here it is - in beautiful Github flavored markdown.

There are placeholders for links to the video. Currently, the hyperlinks point to the talk pages. Please do feel free to make it better by contributing to the repo.

What is PyData?

PyData is a gathering of users and developers of data analysis tools in Python. The goals are to provide Python enthusiasts a place to share ideas and learn from each other about how best to apply our language and tools to ever-evolving challenges in the vast realm of data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.



Please do send in Pull Requests for links to the videos of the talks, typographic errors, and hyperlinks to homepages of the speakers/companies.



Comments? Suggestions? Contact Rohit on Twitter @ro_hit_