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This is a list of must-watch videos devoted to JavaScript


  1. Nicholas Zakas: Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture


  1. Douglas Crockford: Volume One: The Early Years
  2. Douglas Crockford: Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript
  3. Douglas Crockford: Act III: Function the Ultimate
  4. Douglas Crockford: Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax
  5. Douglas Crockford: Part 5: The End of All Things
  6. Douglas Crockford: Scene 6: Loopage


  1. Douglas Crockford: Level 7: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts
  2. Douglas Crockford: Section 8: Programming Style and Your Brain
  3. Ryan Dahl: Introduction to Node.js


  1. Ryan Sandor Richards: Garbage Collection & Heap Management
  2. Addy Osmani: Scaling Your JavaScript Applications
  3. John-David Dalton: Lo-Dash
  4. Gary Bernhardt: WAT #HOT


  1. Nat Duca: Jank Free: Chrome Rendering Performance #io13
  2. Ilya Grigorik: Automating Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed #io13
  3. Eric Bidelman: Web Components #io13
  4. Alex Komoroske: Web Components in Action #io13
  5. Paul Lewis: Device Agnostic Development #io13
  6. John McCutchan: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Gmail and DevTools #io13
  7. Paul Irish: Chrome DevTool Revolution #io13
  8. Joe Marini: Upgrading to a Chrome Packaged App #io13
  9. Pete Hunt: React: Rethinking best practices
  10. Martin Kleppe: 1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry
  11. Yehuda Katz: A tale of two MVC's


  1. Ilya Grigorik: Website Performance Optimization (Udacity course) #HOT
  2. Mark DiMarco: User Interface Algorithms
  3. Neil Green: Writing Custom DSLs
  4. Philip Roberts: Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop
  5. Eric Bidelman: Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development #io14
  6. Alex Russell, Jake Archibald: Bridging the gap between the web and apps #io14