Fifth place solution of the Kaggle Diabetic Retinopathy competition.
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Kaggle Diabetic Retinopathy Solution.

Fifth place solution for the Kaggle Diabetic Retinopathy competition including some trained network. For more information see my blog post.

The code is quite badly written (lots of ideas, not so much time) but I figured it was more important to release it quickly than to rewrite it all and only publish it weeks later. The most interesting file will probably be the notebook at notebooks/Sample_prediction.ipynb which shows how to load the model dump, do some predictions with it and see the activations for the different layers.

Important to note: the code is built on top of Lasagne at commit cf1a23c21666fc0225a05d284134b255e3613335. My own fork currently uses that version so for a little while that will still work. For Theano I have been using the latest master and have no problems.