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This repository is a collection of different matplotlib plots in IPython notebooks that I needed for my data visualizations.

This project is not connected to the gallery on http://matplotlib.org/gallery.html, although there might be some overlap and redundancy.

I am looking forward to your contributions, suggestions, and ideas

If you have any suggestions or want to make additions, I would be very happy if you could send me

  • an email,
  • leave me a message on google+,
  • or even send me a tweet on twitter (given you can fit it within the 140 character limit ;)).

Or even better: It would be great if you would simply fork this project and send me a pull request.

2D histograms / heat maps / levelplots

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![3d plots](./images/heatmaps.png)

3D Plots

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![3d plots](./images/3dplots.png)

Bar plots

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![3d plots](./images/barplots.png)


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![3d plots](./images/boxplots.png)


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![3d plots](./images/formatting.png)


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![3d plots](./images/histograms.png)

Line plots

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![3d plots](./images/lineplots.png)

Scatter plots

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![3d plots](./images/scatterplots.png)

Special plots

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![3d plots](./images/specialplots.png)