Results from NFL games since 1978 in CSV format
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nfl 1966.csv
nfl 1967.csv
nfl 1968.csv
nfl 1969.csv
nfl 1970.csv
nfl 1971.csv
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nfl 1973.csv
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nfl 1975.csv
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nfl 2003.csv
nfl 2004.csv
nfl 2005.csv
nfl 2006.csv
nfl 2007.csv
nfl 2008.csv
nfl 2009.csv
nfl 2010.csv
nfl 2011.csv
nfl 2012.csv
nfl 2013.csv

Results of NFL games in CSV format

The results of each NFL game since 1978. I am looking to back-date this to 1966 - the year of SuperBowl 1.

The 2011 file will be updated weekly after the Monday night result is in.


Each file is in Comma-Separated Value format with the following columns:

Column Format Example
season Number (4 digits) 2010
week The week number since opening day (1-22) 1
kickoff ISO 8601 format 2010-09-09T20:30-05:00
home_team Team name, without city Saints
home_score Number 14
visitors_score Number 9
visiting_team Team name, without city Vikings


This column will hold the date and time of the kickoff in Eastern Time if it is known (e.g. 2010-09-09T20:30:00-05:00) otherwise it will just hold the date of the match with the time set to midnight.