A Tutorial on Simple Machine Learning Methods Held for the Graduate School on Bionics, 2012
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0 - Python Intro.ipynb
1 - PCA.ipynb
2 - KMeans.ipynb
3a - Linear regression 1D.ipynb
3b - Linear regression 2D.ipynb
4 - Logistic Regression.ipynb
5 - k Nearest Neighbors.ipynb



A Tutorial on Simple Machine Learning Methods Held for the Graduate School on Bionics, 2012.

Created by Hannes Schulz, Andreas Mueller and Nenard Birešev.


Viewing the notebooks online

The content of the notebooks can be viewed online through nbviewer.ipython.org. This is not interactive. You need to install Python on your computer to use the notebooks interactively.

More content

  • The latex source code for the slides is contained in presentation.
  • The notebooks used to generating some of the figures on the slides is in working_notebooks.

Installing Python

For a true interactive use of the notebooks you need to install Python, IPython (for notebooks) and the required libraries scikit-learn, matplotlib and numpy.


You can install everything at once using a complete scientific Python distribution. Two good ones are the Enthought Python distribution (EPD, free for academic use) or Python-(x, y) (free for everyone).


For OS X, you can also use the Enthought Python distribution or the scipy-superpack.


Just use your package manager, for example on ubuntu or debian, use apt-get install python ipython python-matplotlib python-numpy python-sklearn.

Version requirements

You need to make sure to have at least IPython >= 0.11 installed. You can update using the programm easy_install.

Installing Scikit-learn

More tips on installing scikit-learn can be found on the scikit-learn website.

More Resources