Repository with additional information surrounding the reproducibility panel at the HIW conference in Landshut in October 2017
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Computational reproducibility


The Practice of Reproducible Research: A great e-book with some basic practices for computational reproducibility - easy to implement for everyone - and a lot of detailed case studies.

Damien Irving's work: His BAMS paper on how to write a reproducible article and an accompanying blog post on his website.

Reproducible Research Coursera course: A course on reproducibility mostly focused on R.

Greg Wilson's papers: Best and Good Enough Practices for Scientific Computing. Fantastic tips and tricks for coding. Easy to read and implement.

Stephan's convective variability Github repository: Example repository for a reproducible paper. Note that this is just one way to approach computational reproducibility. There are doubtless many other and many better ways of doing this.

Jupyter notebooks and R Markdown: Tools for literate programming.

Victoria Stodden: One of the people at the forefront of the reproducibility movement.

Mentioned during the discussion

Learning from mistakes in climate research Mentioned by Hannah Christensen

ISO 9000 Mentioned by Bruce Macpherson