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A guided tour module for Open Labyrinth
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WAVES Guided Tour

The WAVES Project

The WAVES project combines skill sets of both academic and enterprise partners to make Scenario-based learning (SBL) more accessible for a wide range of professions. SBL techniques are widely recognised as a key tool in the educational toolkit, for safe training in competency and decision-making.

Online demo

Visit the following link:

WAVES Guided Tour Demo


  1. Create database in MySQL from database.sql, with/without test data in INSERT INTO...

  2. Deploy database backend editor.php and insert your own test data

  3. Add _introjs_hook.php, modify its header for IP filtering (or change loading IntroJS from CDN to local source) and add mysql connection settings:

$filter = new IPFilter( array(
      '.....',   // add to IP adress to filter

if ($filter->check($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]) === true):

// --- connection to dedicated
$config["db_server"] = "localhost";
$config["db_name"] = "adddbname";
$config["db_user"] = "adddbuser";
$config["db_user_pw"] = "addyourpassword";
  1. Modify labyrinth ver.3 source codes home.php, ../views/labyrinth/skin/*.php -- add:
  1. For exact jquery style DOM selecting/matching is important to add more ids or classes into skins -- ../views/labyrinth/skin/*.php, for example id="iba_node_title":
<h4 id="iba_node_title"><?php echo Arr::get($templateData, 'node_title'); ?></h4>


WAVES Guided Tour is licensed under the MIT Open Source license. For more information, see the LICENSE file in this repository.

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