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A Java library for interacting with the Waves blockchain.

Supports node interaction, offline transaction signing and creating addresses and keys.

Using WavesJ in your project

Use the codes below to add WavesJ as a dependency for your project.

compile group: 'com.wavesplatform', name: 'wavesj', version: '1.1.0'
libraryDependencies += "com.wavesplatform" % "wavesj" % "1.1.0"

This library's page at Maven Central

Basic Usage

Create an account from a private key ('T' for testnet):

String seed = Crypto.getRandomSeedPhrase();
PrivateKey privateKey = PrivateKey.fromSeed(seed);
PublicKey publicKey = PublicKey.from(privateKey);
Address address = Address.from(publicKey);

Create a Node and learn a few things about blockchain:

Node node = new Node(Profile.MAINNET);
System.out.println("Current height is " + node.getHeight());
System.out.println("My balance is " + node.getBalance(address));
System.out.println("With 100 confirmations: " + node.getBalance(address, 100));

Send some money to a buddy:

Address buddy = new Address("3N9gDFq8tKFhBDBTQxR3zqvtpXjw5wW3syA");
node.broadcast(TransferTransaction.builder(buddy, Amount.of(1_00000000, Asset.WAVES)).getSignedWith(privateKey));

Set a script on an account. Be careful with the script you pass here, as it may lock the account forever!

Base64String script = node
    .compile("{-# CONTENT_TYPE EXPRESSION #-} sigVerify(tx.bodyBytes, tx.proofs[0], tx.senderPublicKey)")
node.broadcast(new SetScriptTransaction(publicKey, script).addProof(privateKey));