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Waves crypto in Javascript, more helpful waves functions
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Waves blockchain, waves UI and DevKit remain in testnet mode. Until release API and crypto technologies might change drastically.

WavesDevKit for Javascript

Javascript development framework for Waves. Create transactions with Javascript, get the most used and needed Waves functions.


The WavesDevKit is a light version of the full Waves Wallet which was developed by Waves developers to work with the Waves API and JavaScript in the Waves Wallet. Setup the server in waves.js (default localhost) to use your Waves node, any transaction that will go through the wrapper will be signed with Javascript and then submitted to the Waves API.


Waves uses the newest cryptographic solutions in order to privode anonymous and direct interaction between two parties. The WavesDevKit helps you to work with the crypto solutions and use them to interact with Waves Blockchain technology.

The Waves Private and PublicKey is a seed where SHA256 computes the hash value of the string and then Base 58 encoded. See index.html for an example Private and PublicKey Generator.

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