A low-cost, DIY data diode for ICS
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DYODE : Do Your Own Diode

A DIY, low-cost data diode for ICS This project aims at creating a working data diode for a fraction of the price of the commercial ones.

This project includes two versions of DYODE :

  • DYODE full : a 19" rack-sized data diode

dyodev1 picture

  • DYODE light : a very compact and ultra low-cost version with performance limitations

dyodev2 picture

For detailed information, including steps to make your own, take a look at the wiki. You may also take a look at the public talks done on this project.


The DYODE project is composed of 3 main parts:

  • An INPUT counter
  • A unidirectional, light-based data transfer mechanism
  • An OUTPUT counter

The full version relies on optical-copper converters to transmit data, while the light version uses an optocoupler.

Hardware for DYODE light is open-source: PCB Gerber files are provided, as well as .stl files to 3D print the case.


DYODE is an open-source project developed in Python.


  • Modbus data transfer
  • File transfer (DYODE full only)
  • Screen sharing (DYODE full only)


This project is published under GPLv3. Take a look at the full license.