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This is an implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant network protocol for the Node javascript/v8 language.
Update: v0.2
updated to move from promises to function(err, value) callbacks in node.js
Update: v0.1.3
updated to use the updated module structure of node.
Update: v0.1.1
node-tyrant has been updated to use the new binary stream representation, and now uses promises for callbacks.
Install Tokyo Cabinet / Tokyo Tyrant, and set up either a b-tree or table database:
For a table database:
ttserver casket.tdb
For a b-tree (key/value) database:
ttserver casket.tcb
Quick Example
var tyrant = require("./tyrant");
var sys = require('sys');
var c = tyrant.connect();
c.addListener("connect", function (){
c.genuid(function(err, v) {sys.puts(v);});
c.put('0', 'town', 'Bangor € 1');
c.get('0', function(err, values) {
var r=tyrant.dict(values);