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2013.03.18, 0.2.0
* Add support for flush, flush_all, and delete commands.
2013.03.12, 0.1.5
* Homebrew install instructions [Henrik Bjørnskov]
* Be permissive to clients using extra whitespace in requests.
* Supports older Boost. (1.40.0)
* Fix /close returning the next item when it shouldn't.
* Add /sync flag for synchronous writes for set. [anight]
2012.08.26, 0.1.4
* Fix bad cast sometimes causing memory fault.
2012.08.26, 0.1.3
* Alias `gets` to `get` [cjc]
* Perf improvements to the network/request handler.
2012.08.24, 0.1.2
* Fix long compaction times and memory bloat when items are big and the queue is big.
2012.08.22, 0.1.1
* Builds correctly for Boost >1.46, tested up to 1.50. [Norman Casagrande, Henrik Bjørnskov]
2012.08.20, 0.1.0
* Fix timeout/cancel race condition on get wait.
* Totally halt io_service when Darner gets a signal, exit safely.
* Add /peek option to get.
* Clean up iqstream/oqstream semantics. Drop use of boost::optional.
* Darner bench: add option to sprinkle in bad requests
* Track enqueued/dequeued stat.
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