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A package that allows you send Whatsapp messages using Whatools API.


Whatsgo is a Go package that acts as a wrapper to communicate with Whatools API. With Whatsgo you can:

  • Subscribe to your Whatools API account.
  • Send messages to another Whatsapp users.
  • Set and Get your Whatsapp nickname.
  • Set and Get the status message for your account.



Using Whatsgo is easy. First use go getcommand to install the latest version of the package.

$ go get

Next include Whatsgo in yoour application.

import ""

Subscribe to your Whatools API account

Before use any of the operations available in Whatsgo you have to subscribe against Whatools API. Whatsgo provides a function for you to get subscription ready.

wgo := whatsgo.Subscribe("MYWHATOOLSAPIKEY") // e.g abcd1234-abb0-123c-1fe1-abcdef012345
if wgo != nil {
  // do something cool with wgo.

If subscription was successful Subscribe function will return a WhatsGo type struct so you can deal with all operations available in the package.

WhatsGo struct

Represents a successful data response sent by subscribe API endpoint.

type WhatsGo struct {
	Key         string    // API Key provided by whatools
	Status      string    // User account status: active, existing, new
	CountryCode string    // self explanatory, Country code
	PhoneNumber string    // self explanatory, phone number

Send messages to another Whatsapp users

Once you get a WhatsGo reference you can use its SendMessage method to send messages to another Whatsapp users.

msg = &whatsgo.Message{"573001234567", "Hello, from whatsgo", true}

Note that we are passing a reference of Message type. This struct represents a message to send:

type Message struct {
	To    string //phone number with country code associated, e.g 573001231232
	Body  string //text to send
	Honor bool   //(true/false) This flag prevents the phone number from being formatted again if it is already in international form.

You can send a group of messages in a one method call:

msg1 = &whatsgo.Message{"573001234567", "Hello, from whatsgo", true}
msg2 = &whatsgo.Message{"3001232345", "Hello, from whatsgo", false}
wgo.SendMessage(msg1, msg2, msg1, msg2)

Set and Get your Whatsapp nickname

You can get your Whatsapp nickname by calling GetNickname() method.

  wgo.GetNickname() // e.g Wawandco, Whatsgo, or Jhon Doe.

You can set your Whatsapp nickname by calling SetNickname(string) method.

  wgo.SetNickname("My cool nickname")

Set and Get the status message for your account.

You can get the status message for your account by calling GetStatusMessage() method.

  wgo.GetStatusMessage() // e.g I think therefore I am.

You can set the status message for your account by calling SetStatusMessage(string) method.

  wgo.SetStatusMessage("My new status")

Unsubscribe after you're done.

When you are done sending any messages, updating your nickname, or changing your status message, you can turn off client access to whatools API by calling Unsubscribe method. This method will disable any request to API endpoint with your existing API key. Note: You have to access to dashboard to enable your API key if you use this method before. This is used for security reasons, so use it wisely.



  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request