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Cloudwatch integration for Zabbix 3.x

Current release: 1.1.0. Zabbix template was tested with Zabbix 3.4, please revert to 1.0.0 if you find any backward incompatibility and open an issue.

Python 2.7.x

  1. Create specialized user account in AWS and grant it permissions for required services and API calls (for example describe_instances() for EC2)
  2. Clone github repo:
  3. Copy contents of zabbix-scripts into /usr/lib/zabbix directory, change owner of the dir and its contents to user under which you run Zabbix
  4. Install system-wide boto3 package
  5. Import cloudwatch_template.xml into Zabbix
  6. Put credentials of account created in (1) into /usr/lib/zabbix/scripts/conf/aws.conf
  7. Create host with as interface and link it to the template. Change macros ACCOUNT and REGION to correspond to your case:


  1. Enable/Disable all discovery rules/items/triggers you think necessary, add new or modify existing ones.

Default template has rules and items for following services:

  • EC2 (requires describe_instances() API call permissions)
  • RDS (describe_db_instances() API call)
  • ELB (describe_load_balancers() API call)
  • EMR (list_clusters() API call)
  • ELBv2 (describe_target_groups() API call)
  • S3 (list_buckets() API call)

Detailed overview at:

Hit me up on twitter @wawastein if you got any questions, submit pull requests, fork all you want, and Papa bless.