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WebAssembly Standard Capabilities library
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A WebAssembly Standard Capabilities Library for Rust

If you just want the CLI that signs and examines capabilities claims, then you can install it with cargo:

$ cargo install wascap --features "cli"

This library can be used for embedding, extracting, and validating capabilities claims in WebAssembly modules. While there are some standard, well-known claims already defined, you can add custom claims in your own namespaces if you like.

The following example illustrates embedding a new set of claims into a WebAssembly module, then extracting, validating, and examining those claims:

use wascap::prelude::*;
let unsigned = read_unsigned_wasm(); // Read a Wasm file into a byte vector
let issuer = KeyPair::new_account(); // Create an Ed25519 key pair to sign the module
let module = KeyPair::new_module(); // Create a key pair for the module itself
// Grant the module some basic capabilities, with no date limits
let claims = ClaimsBuilder::new()
// Sign the JWT and embed it into the WebAssembly module, returning the signed bytes
let embedded = wasm::embed_claims(&unsigned, &claims, &issuer)?;
// Extract a signed JWT from a WebAssembly module's bytes (performs a check on
// the signed module hash)
let extracted = wasm::extract_claims(&embedded)?.unwrap();
// Validate dates, signature, JWT structure, etc.
let v = validate_token(&extracted.jwt)?;
assert_eq!(v.expired, false);
assert_eq!(v.cannot_use_yet, false);
assert_eq!(v.expires_human, "never");
assert_eq!(v.not_before_human, "immediately");
assert_eq!(, issuer.public_key());

The Ed25519 key functionality is provided by the nkeys crate.

The wascap CLI allows you to examine and sign WebAssembly files from a terminal prompt:

 $ wascap caps examples/signed_loop.wasm 
║                                WASCAP Module                               ║
║ Expires       ║                                                      Never ║
║ Can Be Used   ║                                                Immediately ║
║                                Capabilities                                ║
║ K/V Store                                                                  ║
║ Messaging                                                                  ║
║ HTTP Client                                                                ║
║ HTTP Server                                                                ║
║                                    Tags                                    ║
║ None                                                                       ║
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