@Timidger Timidger released this Nov 25, 2016 · 1481 commits to master since this release

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Major Highlights

  • Switched IPC to D-Bus
    • To run in a TTY session, need to start Way Cooler with dbus-launch --exit-with-session way-cooler
  • Removed background program, it is now a separate project
    • Added support for images, including png, jpg, and gif formats.
    • Fixed issue where the cursor could not be loaded on some distros (such as Ubuntu). We now package a backup cursor icon.


  • Can now resize windows
    • When resizing tiled windows, it is ensured that you can not make them size 0.
    • Resize with ctrl+<right-click> and drag.
  • Can now make windows floating with Alt+Shift+Space
    • Switch between floating and non-floating with Alt+Space
  • Way Cooler now remembers what window you last had focused, using a clever "path" system to keep track of active paths.
  • Fixed problem where the active path was not being updated properly when switching workspaces
  • Reduced the number of debug print statements.

Init file

  • Added special function way_cooler_init. This function will be triggered after Way Cooler has completed initialization. It is where all start up programs should go, and ultimately will be a nice place to hand out tokens when we implement security levels to the IPC.