@Timidger Timidger released this Jan 9, 2017 · 1336 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Commands / Keybindings

  • Added fullscreen command
    • Default keybinding is mod+f
    • Command is also exposed through the D-Bus command FullScreen
  • Added commands to control the location of the pointer.
    • Absolute positioning (SetPointerPos)
    • Placing the mouse at the corner of a container (GrabAtCorner)
  • Modifier for mouse controls (eg resize and move window) is now configurable
    • The default modifier is now Alt, instead of the previous Ctrl


  • Popup windows now automatically are floating.
  • Wayland apps (eg termite, weston-terminal, etc) should no longer have blurry text.
  • Resizing a window while running Way Cooler from a TTY now works correctly.


  • Way Cooler now log all environment variables in the prelude of the log.
  • When a key is bound to a command that is now logged.


  • Resizing the output / changing the resolution will now properly update the background.


  • Already existing debug checks have been turned on for release builds.
  • Restart should properly call the user-defined restart callback now.
  • Updated to use the StableGraph of Petgraph, which should improve performance and reliability.