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Cloud Functions Buildkite Plugin

This buildkite plugin can be used to deploy code to Cloud Functions

See the plugin tester for testing examples and usage, and the Buildkite docs on writing plugins to understand everything in this repo.

Using the plugin

If the version number is not provided then the most recent version of the plugin will be used. Do not use version number as main or any branch name.


  - plugins:
      - wayfair-incubator/cloud-functions#v0.1.2:
          gcp_project: "gcp-us-project"
          gcp_region: "us-central1"
          cloud_function_name: "function-1"
          cloud_function_directory: "directory/function-code"



gcp_project (required, string)

The name of the GCP project you want to deploy to.

Example: gcp-us-project

gcp_region (required, string)

GCP region where the cloud function is hosted.

Example: us-central1

cloud_function_name (required, string)

Name of the cloud function in GCP.

Example: function-1

cloud_function_directory (required, string)

The directory in your repository where you are storing the code files for the cloud function.

Example: directory/function-code


This plugin expects GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT is placed as an environment variable. Make sure to store it securely!

  gcp_service_account: '{"email": ""}'


See the Contributing Guide for additional information.

To execute tests locally (requires that docker and docker-compose are installed):

docker-compose run py-test


This plugin was originally written by Jash Parekh for Wayfair.