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Terraform Provider Utilities

This repository contains utility functions, packages used in the other in-house developed Terraform providers. Common and core functionality is commited to this repository and used in other codebases.

This project is a component of Project Argo.

Project Info

This project is developed, owned, and maintained by the SRE - Orchestration pod at Wayfair.

This repository uses mkdocs for documentation and dep for dependency management. Dependencies are tracked as part of the repository.


Follow the setup instructions provided on the install sections of their respective websites. Windows environments should have a *nix-style terminal emulator installed such as Cygwin to be compatible with the makefile.

Repository Setup

After installing and configuring the toolchain listed in the Requirements section:

  1. Clone the repository with ssh:

    $ mkdir -p "${GOPATH}/src/"
    $ cd "${GOPATH}/src/"
    $ git clone
  2. Include the utility repo in your provider:

    Update your Gopkg.toml to include the repo as a dependency:

    # Gopkg.toml
      name = ""
      # constraint to a specific version, release here:
      version = "=1.0.0"

    Include the needed package(s) to your source files:

    // resource_example_foo.go
    // Example provider, foo resource
    package example
    import (
        // Import a specific subpackage from the repo, in this case 'example'.
        // Here, we don't define a pseudonym, so the package is accessible by
        // 'example'.
        // Here we are importing the 'example2' package under the pseudonym
        // 'ex'. It is available in this file as 'ex' not 'example2'
        ex ""
    // ...

    Update your repository to include the constraint with dep:

    $> dep ensure


This repository uses mkdocs for documentation. Repository documentation can be found in the doc directory. Follow the installation instructions on mkdocs to get started.

The Makefile exposes a godoc target which can be used to generate and save the project's Godoc to the local filesystem in docs/godoc. These pages are used by mkdocs to generate the full project documentation. The godoc target only saves the necessary package documentation for this repository and does save the entire webroot.

To generate and view the entire repository's documentation:

$> make godoc
Generating godoc to docs/godoc...
Creating docs/godoc
godoc PID: [5084]
Sleeping while godoc initializes...
Downloading pages...
<...output truncated...>
Killing godoc process [5084]

$> mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 160402 15:50:43 server:271] Serving on
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:58] Start watching changes
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:60] Start detecting changes

The documentation can then be viewed by accessing localhost in your favorite browser or viewport.

Cleaning up the generated godoc can be done with the clean-godoc target.

$> make clean-godoc
Cleaning godoc files...