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fix data type mappings for long string columns with netezza

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1 parent 48b539b commit 1f0438ae9bd732d18816b6468ec8764bf6b24cc3 @ssandler ssandler committed Mar 21, 2013
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  1. +5 −1 TeslaSQL/DataUtils/NetezzaDataUtils.cs
@@ -209,7 +209,11 @@ class InsertDelete {
public void AddColumn(TableConf t, string dbName, string schema, string table, string columnName, string dataType) {
columnName = MapReservedWord(columnName);
if (!CheckColumnExists(dbName, schema, table, columnName)) {
- dataType = DataType.MapDataType(Config.RelayType, SqlFlavor.Netezza, dataType);
+ //The "max" string doesn't exist on netezza, we can just replace it with the NetezzaStringLength after mapping it.
+ //In practice this only impacts varchar and nvarchar, since other data types would be mapped to something else by the MapDataType
+ //function (i.e. varbinary). This is the only place we do this special string-based handling because we wanted to keep Netezza specific logic
+ //out of the DataType class. Outside of this case, the "max" is handled appropriately in the netezza data copy class.
+ dataType = DataType.MapDataType(Config.RelayType, SqlFlavor.Netezza, dataType).Replace("max", Config.NetezzaStringLength.ToString());
string sql = string.Format("ALTER TABLE {0} ADD {1} {2}; GROOM TABLE {0} VERSIONS;", table, columnName, dataType);
var cmd = new OleDbCommand(sql);
SqlNonQuery(dbName, cmd);

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