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Hello :)

Love the new layout and updates. Just a tiny issue - previously, the file name was author - title and the formatting of letter case was as it is. Currently it is title-author with dash after every word and all small letters. Is there a possibility for this function to be reverted as it was previously ?


The dash after every word is to prevent some possible issues when creating files. I'm still undecided about the file name format. Personally I prefer having the title first, but I'll look into the option of leaving it as a setting the user can change.


Disregard my previous comment about file naming - turns out it's possible to save a file as title-here-author.epub but still serve it to the user as title here - author.epub. So I've changed that part.


If you could add an option for file naming that would be much appreciated. I really preferred author - title as it made it easier to organise the files.

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