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pdm1256 commented Aug 21, 2015

The new pdf format is not as easy to view as the previous version.
There is no spacing at the margins which makes it difficult to read on an ipad. The chapter index was also easier to use on the previous version.


What's different with the chapter index?

I'll try to fix the margins.


I figured out how to change the margins. Is half an inch all around ok? I can also do 1 inch, or somewhere in between, or a mix thereof, although I think half a inch looks the best.

pdm1256 commented Aug 21, 2015

Thank you for fixing the page margins. It is much easier to read now!
The chapter index previously listed the page number instead of only having it as a clickable link.


Does anyone know how to change a PFD into an EPub story. Thank you

alshenk commented Sep 16, 2015

@waylaidwanderer I personally would prefer Microsoft Word's "Normal" margins. I end up having to download PDF, open with word, edit, then save back in PDF (.txt doesn't save italics / bold). "Normal" is defined as 1" all around. This looks best on PC / large tablets, and I use text reflow on cells / small tablets.
@mumrules Calibre ( is able to convert PDF to Epub.

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