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SteamTradeOffersBot is a fork of SteamBot, with an easy-to-use Trade Offers library and a true generic inventory interface, written by waylaidwanderer. All code related to live trading have been removed for simplicity. The bot is publicly available under the MIT License. Check out LICENSE for more details.

SteamTradeOffersBot offers many callbacks for trade offer events, none of which are included in SteamBot with the exception of receiving a new trade offer.

  • OnTradeOfferChecked
  • OnTradeOfferReceived
  • OnTradeOfferAccepted
  • OnTradeOfferDeclined
  • OnTradeOfferCanceled
  • OnTradeOfferInvalid
  • OnTradeOfferInEscrow
  • OnTradeOfferConfirmed
  • OnTradeOfferFailedConfirmation
  • OnTradeOfferNoData

SteamTradeOffersBot also allows retrieving data from /inventory/json/{appid}/{contextid} (aka generic inventories), meaning that it's easy to code a bot to handle different games.

To see examples on how to use the above callbacks and access inventories, check out TradeOfferUserHandler.cs.

Getting Started

There are several things you must do in order to get SteamTradeOffersBot working:

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Compile the bot (update/reinstall nuget packages if necessary).
  3. Configure the bot (username, password, etc.).
  4. Optionally, customize the bot by changing the source code.

Getting the Source

Retrieving the source code should be done by following the installation guide on the wiki. The install guide covers the instructions needed to obtain the source code as well as the instructions for compiling the code.

Configuring the Bot

See the configuration guide on the wiki. This guide covers configuring a basic bot as well as creating a custom user handler.

Bot Administration

While running the bots you may find it necessary to do some basic operations like shutting down and restarting a bot. The console will take some commands to allow you to do some this. See the usage guide for more information.

More help?

If it's a bug, open an Issue; if you have a fix, read and open a Pull Request. If it is a question about how to use SteamBot with your own bots, visit our subreddit at /r/SteamBot. Please use the issue tracker only for bugs reports and pull requests. The subreddit should be used for all other discussions.

A list of SteamTradeOffersBot contributors (add yourself if you want to):

The list of original SteamBot contributors:

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SteamBot fork that provides an easy-to-use Trade Offer library and a true generic inventory interface.








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