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Stuff for manipulating trees in Perl 6
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"Tree" is a collection of modules for manipulating data arranged in tree-like structures.  
This includes actual trees, but also various kinds of graphs.  It is intended to support 
XML trees, but could also support filesystem trees, Perl6 Match objects, LDAP directories, 
and the like.  It should also be able to support Trees with multiple perspectives.  As an 
example, take this not-XML from Shakespeare:

<Speech Character="Antonio">
    <Line Number="77">I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano;</Line>
    <Line Number="78">A stage where every man must play a part,</Line>
    <Line Number="79">And mine a sad one.</Speech>
<Speech Character="Gratiano">
                            Let me play the fool:</Line>
    <Line Number="80">With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come,</Line>
    <Line Number="81">And let my liver rather heat with wine</Line>

The reason the above is not XML is because line 79 does not end before the end of the 
speech that contains it.  But markup requirements like this are prevalent in the 
humanities.  The text above can be looked at from the "Speeches" perspective, or the 
"Lines" perspective.  I'd like to support both these perspectives as part of the Tree 

I'd also like the tree to cope well with the idea that certain nodes represent tables, 
and that data can be selected from them too.  

To get more specific, I envision the following categories of modules:
-	Core: the interfaces to the basic roles; Tree, Node, Element, Attribute, and 
-	Input: Gets a tree from somewhere, possibly input text and a grammar, and turns 
	them into classes that do the Tree roles
-	Output: turns the tree into XML, filesystem nodes, or whatever
-	Axes: provides stuff to walk over a tree of any type; think of it as a tree 
	traversal algorithm
-	Revisors: Languages for selecting/manipulating trees; could include things like XPath, 
	glob(), DataPath, and the like

No doubt there will be others as we continue.  

== License ==

The Tree is released under Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.

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