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Folder & File Maker for Brackets

A nice way of creating new folders and files in a project. Templates can also be used on files.

Installing the Extension

Go to Brackets' Extension Manager(EM) and either:

  • search by name and install,
  • use this github url and paste to EM link,
  • or upload manually with this repo's zip file.

Using the Extension

  1. click on the Folder & File Maker icon (Fm) in the toolbar
  2. write designated folder name(s) and a file name (one can be optional)
    • if folder names are excluded, the file will be made in the root directory
    • if the file name is excluded, the folder(s) will be created if not already
    • can create nested folders, i.e.:
      • folder src does not yet exist
      • submiting src/js will create folder src with sub-folder js
      • submiting src/js and script.js will create script.js in js
      • it wont create src/js folders because they exist from previous submission
  3. click OK to create!

Add a template

Part I:

  • create a folder with the title you want to see for the templates dropdown,
  • in this folder will be your single file that you want to use as a template.

Part II:

  • in Brackets editor, got to Help > Show Extensions Folder,
  • navigate your way to waymans-folder-file-maker,
  • paste your folder (with the template file) into the templates folder,
  • reload with extensions (Debug > Reload with Extensions) to see changes.


As this was my first Brackets extension and initially was for personal use it has not been extremely tested. It may not work on all versions/systems or with certain extensions.


Knowing how to change/remove templates will be understood by knowing the Add a template section. Feel free to clone this repo to change/add templates for your own use or in anyway you see fit.


Brackets IDE extension that comes with an easy-to-use UI for making folders and files in your project. Includes templates







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