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Cleaner for Xcode

The new SwiftUI version is here

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This app helps you to make your Xcode faster by removing unwanted and deprecated files.

You can run cleaner weekly or monthly to keep your developer folder health and to save more disk space.

这个应用可以帮助你清除遗留以及废弃文件,从而极大的节省硬盘空间. 你可以每月或者每周运行一次进行清理。


Cleaner for Xcode is available on Mac App Store now, you can get it using the link below. You can also build it by yourself, please refer to Build section.

Download on App Store


Make sure you have latest node and npm or yarn and watchman installed, you can install them using homebrew

  1. Run npm install or yarn in project directory.
  2. Run open macos/XcodeCleaner.xcodeproj to open Xcode project.
  3. Disable App Sandbox in target's Capabilities.
  4. Run!


中国用户可能遇到的编译问题 (for Chinese users)

npm/yarn 安装过程会在 下载库,这个网络会比较慢。编译过程中会去 github 和 sourceforge 下载依赖库。所以你需要一个系统全局的科学上网环境。


You are permitted to use this source code, with or without modification, in source or binary form, on your devices however you see fit. You are not permitted to redistribute binaries of this source code, with or without modification. In other words, you cannot put this application or any application derived from it, on the Apple App Store, Cydia, or any other binary-only distribution channel.