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namespace Conversations.DomainService
using System.Threading;
using Castle.Windsor;
using EventStore.ClientAPI;
using MassTransit;
using NLog;
using NLog.Config;
using Topshelf;
internal class Program
private static IEventStoreConnection connection;
private static readonly Logger _logger = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();
private IWindsorContainer container;
private IServiceBus bus;
private static void Main(string[] args)
Thread.CurrentThread.Name = "Domain Service Main Thread";
HostFactory.Run(x =>
x.Service<Program>(s =>
s.ConstructUsing(name => new Program());
s.WhenStarted(p => p.Start());
s.WhenStopped(p => p.Stop());
x.SetDescription("Handles the domain logic for the Sonatribe Application.");
x.SetDisplayName("Sonatribe Domain Service");
private void Stop()
_logger.Info("shutting down Domain Service");
private void Start()
container = new WindsorContainer();
container.Install(new CommandHandlerInstaller());
bus = container.Resolve<IServiceBus>();