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This repo was formerly the combined home of all files for the Bricktronics project (, including hardware (circuit board designs), software (Arduino libraries), and models (LEGO models). In summer 2015 this repo was split into three, with this repo left as the software repo. However, at the same time we have split the original Bricktronics library for Arduino into multiple libraries (one for each motor/sensor type), so this repo is really more of a historical reference of the original release of the software libraries.

The hardware and model repositories are now located here:

This is a possibly-incomplete list of the new individual Bricktronics software libraries.

Here's the description of these historical files:

Bricktronics - The Arduino library for the Bricktronics Shield.

BricktronicsMegashield - The Arduino library for the Bricktronics Megashield.

Releases - Contains ZIP archives of the two libraries above, released on specific dates. Mostly for historical interest.

DrummerBot - An Arduino sketch for a cool project featured in a Make Magazine blog post.

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