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+# KittyMunch3
+Android-based version of a disturbing video game from my youth.
+Coming up with a great idea for a video game is harder than actually building a video game.
+This is not a great idea, but it's the only one I have. I originally built this game on the
+Apple II Plus in highschool. I then rewrote it on a Mac SE while in university. Now, many
+years later, I've decided to use it as some motivation to learn a little about building
+stuff for Android.
+This game is not meant to be particular good. Nor is it intended to offend. Something tells me
+that I'm going to fail miserably on the latter. This is a game about standing on the top of a
+building dropping brinks on cats as they walk by. Why are there so many cats in this neighbourhood?
+I don't know. But there are many.
+The premise of this game is intended to be a dark sort of funny. Do not harm animals. Do not
+drop things off of buildings.
+The game employs some simple math to fake a perspective, simple graphics and very rudimentary logic and
+collision detection with the motion of the cats.
+I doubt that this will ever be done; it's just something that I'm tinkering with on-and-off.
+At some point, I'll need to put this into the Play Store just to get the experience of
+doing that sort of thing.
+## Development and Build
+This was developed using [Eclipse]( with the
+[Andmore Android Development Tools]( plugins. It's based on
+the Android 2.2 APIs. There is currently no automated build.
+## License
+This content is made available under the terms of the
+[Eclipse Public License v1.0](

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