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This release coincides with our publication of the BLANT tool in the journal Bioinformatics, Summer 2019.

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@HBBrennan HBBrennan released this Apr 24, 2019

We introduce BLANT, the Basic Local Alignment for Networks Tool. BLANT
is the analog of BLAST, but for networks: given an input graph, it
samples small, induced, k-node subgraphs called k-graphlets.
Graphlets have been used to classify networks, quantify structure, align
networks both locally and globally, identify topology-function
relationships, and build taxonomic trees without the use of sequences.
Given an input network, BLANT produces millions of graphlet samples in
seconds—orders of magnitude faster than existing methods. BLANT offers
sampled graphlets in various forms: distributions of graphlets or their
orbits; graphlet degree or graphlet orbit degree vectors, the latter
being compatible with ORCA; or an index to be used as the basis for
seed-and-extend local alignments.

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