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#include "oop.hpp"
#include "builtin/object.hpp"
#include "builtin/class.hpp"
#include "objectmemory.hpp"
#include <assert.h>
namespace rubinius {
size_t ObjectHeader::slow_size_in_bytes(STATE) const {
return state->om->type_info[type_id()]->object_size(this);
void ObjectHeader::initialize_copy(Object* other, unsigned int new_age) {
/* Even though we dup it, we have to be careful to maintain
* the zone. */
// DO NOT, EVER, CHANGE obj_type_.
// obj_type_ indicates the shape of the object in memory. There are
// fucked up cases where this is called where other is another type
// (that, btw, is likely a bug in itself), but we should never,
// MUST never change obj_type_ to make them match. This causes the GC
// to get confused about the memory shape of the object!
assert(type_id() == other->type_id());
klass_ = other->klass_;
ivars_ = other->ivars_;
if(other->is_tainted_p()) set_tainted();
void ObjectHeader::initialize_full_state(STATE, Object* source, unsigned int age) {
initialize_copy(source, age);
copy_body(state, source);
state->om->write_barrier((Object*)this, ivars_);
state->om->write_barrier((Object*)this, klass_);
// This method is only used by the GC to move an object, so must retain
// the settings flags.
flags().Frozen = source->flags().Frozen;
flags().Tainted = source->flags().Tainted;
void ObjectHeader::copy_body(STATE, Object* other) {
void* src = other->__body__;
void* dst = this->__body__;
memcpy(dst, src, other->body_in_bytes(state));
/* Clear the body of the object, by setting each field to Qnil */
void ObjectHeader::clear_fields(size_t bytes) {
ivars_ = Qnil;
/* HACK: this case seems like a reasonable exception
* to using accessor functions
void** dst = this->__body__;
size_t field_count = bytes_to_fields(bytes);
for(register size_t counter = 0; counter < field_count; ++counter) {
dst[counter] = Qnil;
void ObjectHeader::clear_body_to_null(size_t bytes) {
void** dst = this->__body__;
size_t field_count = bytes_to_fields(bytes);
for(size_t counter = 0; counter < field_count; counter++) {
dst[counter] = 0;
void InflatedHeader::set_object(ObjectHeader* obj) {
flags_ = obj->flags();
object_ = obj;
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