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@@ -39,17 +39,36 @@ Rubinius comes with RubyGems built-in. To install a gem, run the following:
After installing Rubinius, you can access the built-in documentation at any
time by running 'rbx docs'.
-3.1 Installing with RVM
+3.1 Rubinius with RVM
-You may wish to use the Ruby Version Manager (RVM) project to install
+You may wish to use the Ruby enVironment Manager (RVM) project to install
Rubinius. For the most current documentation for RVM, please visit
- Generally, the following commands should work:
- rvm install rbx # Installs the current release
- rvm install rbx-head # Installs the Rubinius master branch
+Be sure that RVM has been installed properly and is loaded as a function as is
+explained in detail on the basics page,
-Once installed, 'rvm use rbx' should make Rubinius the available Ruby.
+Assuming all Rubinius dependencies have been preinstalled on the system, you may
+now install Rubinius either latest or head as follows,
+ rvm install rbx # Installs latest release (defaulted to install head)
+ rvm install rbx-head # Installs Rubinius master branch from github
+Once installed,
+ rvm use rbx # Seects Rubinius into the current shell session.
+If you wish to make Rubinius the default interpreter when you open new shells,
+ rvm use rbx --default
+In order to view the dependency list to preinstall for rbx type
+ rvm notes
+For more information on working with rvm please visit the RVM website,
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