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RVM / Capistrano Integration Gem

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RVM / Capistrano Integration Gem


RVM / Capistrano integration is available as a separate gem

$ gem install rvm-capistrano

Or, if the capistrano gem is aleady in your Gemfile, then add rvm-capistrano:

$ echo "gem 'rvm-capistrano'" >> Gemfile
$ bundle install


The following code will:

  • detect ruby@gemset used for deployment
  • install RVM and Ruby on cap deploy:setup


set :rvm_ruby_string, ENV['GEM_HOME'].gsub(/.*\//,"")
set :rvm_install_ruby_params, '--1.9'      # for jruby/rbx default to 1.9 mode
set :rvm_install_pkgs, %w[libyaml openssl] # package list from
set :rvm_install_ruby_params, '--with-opt-dir=/usr/local/rvm/usr' # package support

before 'deploy:setup', 'rvm:install_rvm'   # install RVM
before 'deploy:setup', 'rvm:install_pkgs'  # install RVM packages before Ruby
before 'deploy:setup', 'rvm:install_ruby'  # install Ruby and create gemset, or:
before 'deploy:setup', 'rvm:create_gemset' # only create gemset
before 'deploy:setup', 'rvm:import_gemset' # import gemset from file

require "rvm/capistrano"

To use the ruby version currently active locally

set :rvm_ruby_string, :local


$ cap -T rvm
cap rvm:create_gemset        # Create gemset
cap rvm:export_gemset        # Export the current RVM ruby gemset contents to a file.
cap rvm:import_gemset        # Import file contents to the current RVM ruby gemset.
cap rvm:install_ruby         # Install RVM ruby to the server, create gemset ...
cap rvm:install_rvm          # Install RVM of the given choice to the server.
cap rvm:install_pkgs         # Install RVM packages to the server.
cap rvm:install_gem   GEM=my_gem  # Install gem {my_gem} on the server using selected ruby.
cap rvm:uninstall_gem GEM=my_gem  # Uninstall gem {my_gem} from the server selected ruby.


$ rake spec
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