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Bugfix: Rubinius is now able to use gemsets also :) Thank you luislav…

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commit 685b3117f037fdd3996cf90bc323e3a6c69b712c 1 parent 2812637
@wayneeseguin authored
Showing with 1 addition and 12 deletions.
  1. +1 −12 scripts/manage
13 scripts/manage
@@ -332,18 +332,7 @@ RubyWrapper
for binary_name in "gem" ; do
if [[ $binary_name != "gem" ]] ; then prefix="-S " ; else unset prefix; fi
- ruby_wrapper=$(cat <<RubyWrapper
-#!/usr/bin/env bash
-export GEM_HOME="$rvm_ruby_gem_home"
-export GEM_PATH="$rvm_ruby_gem_path"
-export BUNDLE_PATH="$rvm_ruby_gem_home"
-export MY_RUBY_HOME="$rvm_ruby_home"
-export PATH="$rvm_ruby_home/bin:$rvm_ruby_gem_home/bin:$rvm_ruby_global_gems_path/bin:\$PATH"
-exec $rvm_ruby_home/bin/rbx $prefix$binary_name "\$@"
+ ruby_wrapper="#!/usr/bin/env bash\nexec $rvm_ruby_home/bin/rbx $prefix$binary_name \"\$@\""
for file_name in "$rvm_ruby_home/bin/$binary_name" "$rvm_bin_path/$binary_name-$rvm_ruby_string" ; do
rm -f $file_name
echo "$ruby_wrapper" > $file_name

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Somehow the \n between bash and the exec didn't work. I needed to manually edit it and do a new line, now works.

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