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Aug 21, 2012
Michal Papis scripts/external: use rvm_ruby_string, fix: rvm mount -r 259bd30
Michal Papis make __rvm_run to use __rvm_log_command ... prepare for better code 77778bb
Michal Papis remove debugging code from __rvm_run cea96e9
Michal Papis fix __rvm_log_command to use env only when command starts with variable dd31c20
Michal Papis fix building path for downloading binary rubies 66c4e14
Michal Papis improve logging for mount 8361eb6
Michal Papis hide grep output in __rvm_detect_system 58185ca
Michal Papis more of: rvm help mount ff4b943
Aug 22, 2012
Michal Papis fix compiling ruby with --enable-load-relative on /lib64 systems ca15877
Michal Papis add rvm version to the download url - tracking time ef5c9c9
Michal Papis remove quotes from system version 3e5a30c
Michal Papis add: rvm prepare -r ssh@server:path da3a726
Michal Papis add help for rvm prepare -r ssh@server:path 0691979
Michal Papis cleaning: rvm prepare 4ac6891
Michal Papis add: rvm list remote b5c8768
Aug 23, 2012
Michal Papis update alternative implementations list 31e2181
Michal Papis record md5s only in user/md5, config/md5 is overwritten during install 31935fd
Michal Papis just ordering config/md5 9c9d2e4
Michal Papis formating scripts/fetch 01a8c86
Michal Papis add remote rubies md5/sha512 1efcee8
Michal Papis cleaning debug mode 90ffb1f
Michal Papis reworked fetch, forced validation of downloaded ruby (if possible) 27ce130
Michal Papis add sha512 validation, improved handling of checksums 30dc04d
Michal Papis improving rvm list 43f3fac
Michal Papis add detection of centos and gentoo 206f7b6
Aug 24, 2012
Michal Papis add arch detection 49d1b1c
Michal Papis increase amount of remote rubies 1475a3e
Michal Papis add detection of arm platforms ac54967
Michal Papis remove spaces and slashes from deteted system identifiers acbb121
Michal Papis add binary/debian/wheezy_sid/armv6l/ruby-1.9.3-p194 d0041f1
Gaurish Sharma Update Install requirements for JRuby in ArchLinux
jre and jdk package do not exist in ArchLinux anymore & would throw an error. 
 Instead, following packages are suggested:

* [jre7-openjdk](
* [jdk7-openjdk](

This patch updates the package names to fix the error
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1083 from gaurish/patch-1
Update Install requirements for JRuby in ArchLinux
Michal Papis cleaning flags parsing in cli 5dc6c58
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of a9f6b6d
Michal Papis add --verify-download 24ea376
Michal Papis add gentoo builds, they use /usr/local/rvm :( db3aa95
Michal Papis improve validation of download verification + improved logging 314f3fe
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.6' 5167383
Aug 25, 2012
Michal Papis fix rbx compilation 1008783
Michal Papis cleaning function names 131529e
Michal Papis simplifying code (DIY) 76256c1
Michal Papis add more rubies, first RBX ee50d03
Michal Papis fix --debug flag 3d9b635
Michal Papis display url in fetch when debug is on d397321
Bryan Vyhmeister Add OpenBSD fix for stat 7587ac6
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1084 from brycv/master
rvm fix for OpenBSD stat command
Aug 26, 2012
Michal Papis add debian/wheezy_sid/armv6l/ruby-1.9.2-p320 e26a19a
Michal Papis improved debugging - show functions code 5c010bb
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 6ffb69a
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.7' 0d2015b
Aug 27, 2012
Michal Papis fix 1.9.3 --enable-load-relative 7e6c2c4
Michal Papis fix error message fr failed commands 6b77b1f
Michal Papis fix detecting relative rubies dependencies 116b52a
Michal Papis update opensuse mri builds with the patched version for multilib e231669
Aug 28, 2012
Richo Healey Use builtin string manipulation for fewer trivial awk calls 6ecc007
Richo Healey Continue awk annihilating rampage 2562019
Richo Healey More awk removal a9fb69a
Edited for typo and clarification
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1086 from aspleenic/patch-1
Aug 29, 2012
Richo Healey Remove more awks 65fbddc
Michal Papis show detected system in rvm info system c73ab5f
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 3f3fe48
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.8' 3dd8af6
Aug 30, 2012
Michal Papis improved detection of *rc files 91b33f7
Michal Papis simplify color management 325aca5
Aug 31, 2012
Michal Papis save RUBYOPT before unseting it 53a6d01
Michal Papis fix jruby nailgun compilation with the new __rvm_log_command 4ee12f6
Michal Papis fix jruby nailgun compilation with no $rvm_configure_env fe38083
Michal Papis build cext when $rvm_configure_flags, update #691, improve nailgun bu…
…ild message
Michal Papis do not install ruby when gemset given, fix #1087 11c0016
Michal Papis allow compiling ruby-head with ruby-1.9, fix #1085 d0b6656
Sep 01, 2012
Michal Papis fix jruby --patch, fix #1082 b9cfc37
Michal Papis update quoting in jruby aaba1c8
Michal Papis fix the pkg error message, fix #1076 a8356c0
Michal Papis improve detection of project files, fix #911 abb41cb
Michal Papis improved messages for rvmrc trust/untrust/reset, fix #947 99aac9d
Filip Hajny Patch set to make RVM recognize SmartOS against generic SunOS,
and install and work properly.
Filip Hajny Merge branch 'master' into smartos de83003
Sep 02, 2012
Michal Papis __rvm_project_dir_check uses path_to_check not working_dir fde2352
Michal Papis array time v00, update #1088 b0e25f2
Michal Papis array time v01 e9e52b0
Michal Papis fix e9e52b0 cf319c0
Michal Papis get rid of rvm_install_args 65acaa6
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1089 from wayneeseguin/fork_tidyup
Fork tidyup
Michal Papis cleaning scripts/functions/install c2827a0
Michal Papis array time v02 8c06157
Michal Papis array time v03 0d99063
Sep 03, 2012
Michal Papis remove rvm_ruby_aliases 9393635
Michal Papis array time v04 47d3902
Michal Papis array time v05 0091d1a
Filip Hajny Merge branch 'master' into smartos
Adjust code style and minor changes as suggested.
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1088 from mamash/smartos
Add SmartOS support
Michal Papis cleaning code, improved debugging, add rvm reinstall/remove/uninstall…
… all
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 7e0c48e
Sep 04, 2012
Michal Papis cleaning code, fix #964 9d2cd76
Michal Papis fix gemset create after 9d2cd76 8ec6c90
Michal Papis fix gemset import after 9d2cd76 7a9c727
Michal Papis fix gemset export after 9d2cd76 fe1df57
Michal Papis fix gemset import after 9d2cd76 f9223a7
Michal Papis update tests - should finally fix it c0105e0
Michal Papis improve rvm gemset, fix #941 6358ad3
Michal Papis fix tar output handling on openbsd a934e96
Michal Papis remove the default flag from diff 03595db
Michal Papis improve BSD detection 3d4ba42
Michal Papis add openbsd requirements b6630a1
Michal Papis fix for b6630a1 e5828a9
Richo Healey Don't rely on sed inline mode
Update #1091
Richo Healey Replace all sed -i invokations with a wrapper function
This also fixes any sed calls that had an implicit -e for the command

Update #1091
Richo Healey Fix all the whitespace
(and trigger a ci build)
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1092 from wayneeseguin/sed_abstraction
Replace all sed -i invokations with a wrapper function
Michal Papis fix coma => comma 3bb4bf4
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of c85b2e2
Michal Papis fix rvm requirments formating 26a7cf6
Sep 05, 2012
Michal Papis fixed centos ruby build fb04962
Wayne E. Seguin Updated md5/sha512 config files for EY Gentoo. f08375f
Wayne E. Seguin Remove .md5 extension from config/md5 entries. e0e1ec2
Michal Papis binary -> binaries 0c52593
Sep 06, 2012
Michal Papis fix exporting arrays in shell - use () + source instead of new shell b3afbee
Michal Papis detect redhat 63d2016
Michal Papis ultimate PATH managemnet solution ce390fd
Michal Papis add binaries/redhat/6.0/x86_64/ruby-1.9.3-p194 615c347
Michal Papis fix rvm gemset delete 93cabab
Michal Papis fix selecting default gemset after deleting current d8a730e
Michal Papis fix displaying default gemset in rvm gemset list 47619b4
Michal Papis update tests for gemsets 20deb54
Michal Papis add rvm install --movable 07ab54e
Michal Papis claening wrapper code, fix #1009 e500672
Michal Papis rvm switch /path/to/rvm eb8473a
Michal Papis fix ruby 1.8 compilation with gcc 4.7 45df5d9
Michal Papis typo x2 590b1cc
Michal Papis add a note for 45df5d9 ce26047
Michal Papis fixed wrappers test b25c615
Michal Papis use __rvm_custom_separated_array for spliting into arrays, fix #1095 5d15123
Michal Papis switch to environment variables for libyaml so --with-opt-lib= is ava…
…ilable for users, fix #1016
Sep 07, 2012
Michal Papis add named rubies link in help for install, update #1063 1010b1d
Michal Papis fix gemset_info on ubuntu oneric 32bit ... it's magic f941831
Michal Papis update_openssl_certs on pkg install openssl d6c8c72
Michal Papis fix finding gemset name for displaing gem env on ubuntu oneric 1b221ca
Michal Papis additional step to parse flags before passing them to subcommand, fix #… 5b4e93d
Michal Papis improve rvm cleanup, add cleanup gemsets, fix #1071 a51e859
Michal Papis fix PATH, fix #1102 f1aaa79
Michal Papis make the installer respect $rvm_path for profile files update 334d25a
Michal Papis add test for PATH operations 96ed70b
Sep 09, 2012
Michal Papis make sure rvm is removed from path when we ask for it 09edbcf
Michal Papis gcam document risks in code c5101d0
Michal Papis skip installing rvm gem to avoid travis timeouts f997169
Michal Papis __rvm_which + functions/support 7766a72
Michal Papis clean match function and script 66176a1
Sep 10, 2012
Richard Michael Using GEM_HOME means "rvm rvmrc create" will preserve an environment …
Michal Papis do not use path variable, try to fix zsh, update #1101 87d06f1
Michal Papis silence searching for rvm in PATH, update 09edbcf c0737e4
Michal Papis fix working on arrays, fix PATH management, code formating, update #1101 d13e874
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1105 from richardkmichael/rvm-rvmrc-create
Allow `rvm rvmrc create` to preserve the gemset.
Sep 11, 2012
Michal Papis fix string/array searches for zsh 16ff11b
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 1249108
Michal Papis fix compiler detection for zsh, cleaning code 4b3fb5f
Michal Papis fix zsh issues after ruby compilation dc7afed
Michal Papis fix removing extra rvm paths from PATH 7bc8f78
Michal Papis remove the --without-gems as install is fixed, close #1108 8b61bc7
Sep 12, 2012
Michal Papis rework the login warning, fix #1106 d5fc0d5
Michal Papis improved rvm reinstall, added gemset pristine, fix #1103 4b9ec65
Michal Papis improved rbconfig/rubygems detection, fix #1109 30d5c87
Michal Papis fix rubinius installation 54bfbd5
Michal Papis fix detecting proper path for original gems dir, update #1109 a498e7d
Michal Papis fix rvm rubygems after a498e7d, update #1109 33344cd
Michal Papis make sure rvmsudo uses only variables, fix #1094 ac4ee19
Sep 13, 2012
Michal Papis allow old rvm-prompt behavior using --no-default, fix #1042 280f8fc
Michal Papis formating rvm-prompt, update #1042 3006fce
Michal Papis fix command rvm install first ruby, clean scripts/cli, update #1110 8c9c92f
Michal Papis fix gemsets, update 8c9c92f f9dab80
Wayne E. Seguin Re-generated md5,sha512 files for rvm remote server installs. 791eb6b
Wayne E. Seguin Re-generated config/remote from server. d8bbe2b
Michal Papis add a note about first ruby, fix #1110 7a5f3b2
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 4a5de61
Michal Papis cleaning code + detect permissions error in bin/rvmsudo, fix #1023 dd863cc
Michal Papis fix binary -> binaries dfab5ee
Michal Papis improve hooks, fix #1021 996b8cc
Michal Papis remove deprecated sets code b8344e5
Sep 14, 2012
Michal Papis install binary rubies by default, close #1112 56222bc
Michal Papis speed up, fix 56222bc#commitcomment-1856484 cc03fea
Sep 17, 2012
Stefan Kaes added 1.8.7 patch level 370 patch set db81715
Stefan Kaes fix for webrick warning: Could not determine content-length of respon…
…se body.
Sep 18, 2012
Michal Papis fix rvm usage when no action given 48b8b39
Richard Michael Variable typo "reult" meant "result" was always 0. d843653
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1116 from richardkmichael/patch-1
Variable typo "reult" meant "result" was always 0.
Stefan Kaes fix for webrick (backport) e4abbcd
Stefan Kaes more exports needed for ruby-prof 2969a4c
Stefan Kaes prefer system headers over macports shipped ones 0490ce4
Stefan Kaes typos fixed b810ac1
Stefan Kaes more README changes 9fb2707
mica eked JRuby 1.6.8 0b541ef
Richo Healey Merge pull request #1117 from micaeked/master
JRuby 1.6.8

@richo verified checksum
Sep 19, 2012
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.9' 336e0f3
Stefan Kaes updated patches for 1.9.3 head 7ab6a37
Stefan Kaes some patch updates for 1.9.3 pl 194 bcb075d
Michal Papis merge railsexpress patches, closes #1119 c97e36d
Sep 21, 2012
Michal Papis fix shell regexps 2e7bcec
Michal Papis fix patches detection in zsh 8789ce3
Michal Papis fix zsh fix, update 8789ce3 546fbc0
Sep 22, 2012
Michal Papis clean rvm_stored_umask when exiting rvm code, fix \#1123 bc76860
Sep 23, 2012
Michal Papis improved umask handling, fix #1124 aa54db9
Michal Papis preserve patch level if not expanding, fix #1126 0ec7918
Michal Papis clarify requirement of Command Line Tools when using homebrew reciep …
…for gcc-4.2
Sep 24, 2012
Michal Papis Revert "fix setting rvm_stored_umask, fix #1010, update #657, update #…
…628", should fix #1123

This reverts commit f4bbe8a.
Fixed the somewhat faulty comparison of bash versions. Closes #1127 a91c32d
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1128 from pari-/master
binscripts/rvm-installer: bash version detection fails depending on the given input
Michal Papis clean the bash version check, update #1128 0966f3c
Michal Papis using sort idea from #1128 for __rvm_version_compare 13e279c
Michal Papis fix 13e279c 93b47f9
Sep 25, 2012
Mathieu Lemoine Wrapper to call a script or a function with a temporarily restored um…
Mathieu Lemoine Temporarily change umask when creating user files (for mixed-mode), fix de32f49
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1131 from lemoinem/fix/mixed-mode-loose-permissio…

Temporarily change umask when creating user files (for mixed-mode), fix #1130
Mathieu Lemoine Check for trouble-prone config in "gemrc"s, fix #855 35523b7
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1132 from lemoinem/fix/check-for-compatible-rubyg…

Check for trouble-prone config in "gemrc"s, fix #855
mica eked JRuby 1.7.0.RC1 9ada0f4
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1133 from micaeked/master
JRuby 1.7.0.RC1
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.10' into stable c86fb1d
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.15.10' 7ae33d0
Sep 26, 2012
Michal Papis more disabling binary - for heads, fix #1118 91a6705
Michal Papis externalize system path calculation, update #1129 16e8174
Michal Papis allow overriding server path, closes #1129 cbb6b50
Michal Papis fix trusting files (not paths), fix #1111 0f8455d
Michal Papis fix selecting rvm info sections, fix #1134 301ea04
Michal Papis fix system_path calculation/displaying d2dd515
Michal Papis add 0859c6f
Michal Papis improve rvm list remote 6bc3f9f
Michal Papis add Darwin binaries veryfication, fix #1135 555fd88
Mathieu Lemoine Fix error message for trouble-prone config in "gemrc", previous did n…
…ot ensure rvm_ignore_gemrc_issues to be exported
Michal Papis fix listing/detecting rubies from user/remote cb67968
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1137 from lemoinem/fix/check-for-compatible-rubyg…

Fix error message for trouble-prone config in "gemrc"
Michal Papis avoid duplication in rvm list remote if user/remote used 57f8bc5
Michal Papis Merge branch 'master' of 7b3593d
Michal Papis 1.16.0 d7d78f0
Michal Papis Merge branch 'release/1.16.0' into stable 07cea6c
Michal Papis 1.16.1 6d656e9
Michal Papis fix osx rvm requirements 02bf6bf
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.16.1' into stable e0cdc79
Sep 27, 2012
Michal Papis 1.16.2 49c383f
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1141 from lemoinem/fix/list-gemsets-in-mixed-mode
Fix rvm gemset list in mixed-mode.
Michal Papis fix displaing disk-usage on bash 3.2/osx, fix #1144 6a03e98
Michal Papis Merge pull request #1140 from lemoinem/feature/allow-users-to-have-th…

Feature/allow users to have their own trusted rvmrc
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.16.2' into stable ee11fc0
Michal Papis 1.16.3 a517222
Michal Papis fix osx binary rubies, fix #1145 5755623
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.16.3' into stable 54645c2
Michal Papis 1.16.4 1519f3d
Michal Papis fix osx 10.7 ruby-1.9.3 binary, switch osx system selctor 10.7.4 -> 1…
…0.7, fix building movable rubies on osx (libyaml), update #1145, update #1121
Michal Papis Merge branch 'hotfix/1.16.4' into stable a3121a6
Michal Papis 1.16.5 66cf5eb
Michal Papis improve command detection, zsh which is broken and shows functions, fix 941ac9b