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Rubinius version selection is broken #2847

BanzaiMan opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

Hiro Asari Andrei Botalov Rys Sommefeldt Michal Papis
Hiro Asari

See travis-ci/travis-ci#2230 (comment)

Looks like rbx-2.0 and rbx-2.1 do not work, while rbx-2 selects the latest version and rbx-2.1.1 selects the precise one. I doubt Rubinius 2.1.x is maintained any longer.

Rys Sommefeldt

I think this is fixed. Current selector code does this: (left hand side is the user supplied string, right hand side is what the selector will use).

rbx => rbx-2.2.7
rbx-2 => rbx-2.2.7
rbx-2.0 => rbx-2.0.0
rbx-2.1 => rbx-2.1.0
rbx-2.1.1 => rbx-2.1.1
rbx-2.2 => rbx-2.2.7

I believe that's the correct behaviour. Let us know if that's not the case.

Rys Sommefeldt rys closed this
Michal Papis mpapis reopened this
Michal Papis

(it works because the db was updated, we need to make sure it works properly with new binary added to the index and --binary flag)

Michal Papis mpapis added this to the rvm 1.25 milestone
Michal Papis mpapis referenced this issue from a commit
Michal Papis mpapis remove old rbx/rubinius replacement, make sure __check_latest=0 is ra…
…n before the latest run of __rvm_ruby_string_parse_, update #2847
Michal Papis

this does it, closing, let me know if you still gt issues

Michal Papis mpapis closed this
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