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Stalky - API wrappers for Social Search Services



Dan Barrett


© 2011 Dan Barrett





gem install stalky


Stalky exists to make it easier to get all publicly available information about a user across the web. Why would you want to do this?

  • Flush out user information in the your database

  • Help users fill out forms

  • Track down users with ease

  • Identity verification and validation

Stalky works by taking one piece of info (usually email address or twitter username) and running it against the most popular social search API's, such as Qwerly, Rapleaf, and others. If there's only 1 result, it will use that by default. If multiple results are returned, they are saved to an array to be choosen from later.

To get the full capabilities you are going to have to get API keys for all the services listed below. Create a new file called stalky.rb inside of config/initializers and fill out the information as follows:


Stalky.configure do |config|
	qwerly.api_key = QWERLY API KEY
	rapleaf.api_key = RAPLEAF API KEY


You can request API keys for the following services at the URL's below:


<tt> #query all available fields in the “User” model and get most likely “name” value. If there are multiple results an array will be returned. You can ajaxify this to have the other form fields auto-fill based on the results. #will ask to verify before writing to db“”) #returns a hash with full results from a user's email address

Stalky::new.Search(“thoughtpunch”) #returns hash from Twitter or Facebook user ID

#switches –verbose #lists the data sources for each piece of PII </tt>


I am admittedly a ruby n00b. Please feel free to message me with any requests, advice, refactoring tips, etc.