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require 'stalky/version'
require 'stalky/qwerly'
require 'stalky/rapleaf'
#My goal is to able to call this inline in Rails somehow as follows:
# --> uses "name" as the output parameter and all other user
# info in model as input parameters. For example, query
#, User.twitter, etc until you get a result for
# "name" in the JSON hash
module Stalky
#somehow search through all available sources
#(i.e. stalky/qwerly, stalky/rapleaf)
#with the search parameter and get results as follows:
#----> 1. If only one result, choose that one by default
#----> 2. If >1, allow the user to choose the correct one
#------->2a. Example: If searching by email give multiple results for
#------->2b. "name", add them to array excluding duplicates