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Extension of the jQuery imgViewer plugin to add markers and notes to the image
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imgNotes is a jQuery plugin that extends the imgViewer plugin to allow annotations (eg markers and notes) to be added to an image that can be zoomed and panned.

It is an easily extended, responsive UI component based on the jQuery widget factory and uses Hammer.js for touch event support. It should work on all browsers and platforms supported by Hammer.js.

If you don't find this plugin has what you need check out my imgViewer2 plugin that uses the Leaflet mapping library for the underlying image display.


  1. Basic note viewer
  2. Basic note viewer with custom callbacks
  3. Basic note view using modal dialog
  4. Basic note editor
  5. WYSIWYG note editor


  1. Using the plugin
  2. Plugin options
  3. Plugin methods
  4. Extending the plugin
  5. Release History


This plugin is provided under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2017 Wayne Mogg.

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