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Dvorak keyboard layout with the IU keys swapped.


Mac: Download the .dmg and move the layout file to the alias inside (/Library/Keyboard Layouts/).

PC: Download the PC version extract and open setup.exe. Then select the keyboard layout in the input sources.

Motivation and theory

After analyzing other keyboard layouts like colemak, workman, and norman I came to find that I could get most of the benefits of these layouts without switching to them by simply swapping the I and U keys on my current layout, Dvorak.

'I' is much more frequently used in English than 'U' so putting it directly under a finger on the home row makes for less movement of the fingers which should lead to faster typying speed. One should theoretically move their fingers less on this layout than on the traditional Dvorak layout. Dvorak with IU swapped performed better than some of these layouts in certain situations.

Personal experience

I have been using the DvorakIU swap keyboard layout since 2009.

It took me about a week and a half of using this new layout until I was up to my old speed on the official Dvorak layout. In the end I found it easier on the hands than the normal Dvorak layout.


The mac file was created with Ukelele V3 and should work on all versions of MacOS. The PC files where created a long time ago and I don't know if they still work, PRs welcome.