How to cancel/abort an in-progress upload? #145

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I'd like to have a simple [Cancel Upload] button that would trigger an jqXHR.abort() method for all uploads currently in progress.

The code for canceling in jquery-file-upload is provided here: but I'm not sure how to implement it.

I've tried adapting the code in the above link into my main application.js but I don't know how to get filesList required when setting the jqXHR variable.


Any luck with this?


Yes, I got this working in the last few days actually. I just had to add some extra functionality to the add: method of the upload form in like this:

add: (e, data) ->
  file = data.files[0]
  file.unique_id = Math.random().toString(36).substr(2,16)

  unless settings.before_add and not settings.before_add(file)
    current_files.push data
    if $('#template-upload').length > 0
      data.context = $($.trim(tmpl("template-upload", file)))
      # make node a reference to the individual upload
      node = $(data.context).appendTo(settings.progress_bar_target || $uploadForm)
      # add a click event to the cancel button in the node that will cancel the upload
      node.find('.cancel').click (e) ->
        if confirm('Are you sure you want to cancel this upload?')
    # back to original code
    else if !settings.allow_multiple_files
      data.context = settings.progress_bar_target
    if settings.click_submit_target
      if settings.allow_multiple_files
        forms_for_submit.push data
        forms_for_submit = [data]
      # set jqXHR here
      jqXHR = data.submit()

Then add a cancel button to the progress bar template in the HTML:

<script id='template-upload' type='text/x-tmpl'>
    {} - <span class='cancel'>CANCEL</span>

This adds a [CANCEL] button after the filename. Clicking [CANCEL] brings up an prompt. When the user confirms the action the upload is aborted and the progress bar template is removed from the DOM.

I cobbled this together from a few questions and answers I found on this gem and, on which this gem is based.

I hope this helps.


By the way I copied the raw code from the here into a file and required it from my application.js because there are a couple of other tweaks I want to do like drop zones etc. that will be easier to do with access to the whole file.



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