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MaxPostPreDataLengthExceeded #45

uberllama opened this Issue Jan 20, 2013 · 3 comments

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Just tried this gem for the first time and it doesn't work out of the box. I'm getting a bad request error back from amazon with the following error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>MaxPostPreDataLengthExceeded</Code><Message>Your POST request fields preceeding the upload file was too large.</Message><MaxPostPreDataLengthBytes>20480</MaxPostPreDataLengthBytes><RequestId>9D23B2C9005839DC</RequestId><HostId>tzLn4c+k9tWoF69pDLBmwDdkHHrHuMR/yNYXi0oeIjaqr72HUGUnPsvwjqnIuLbk</HostId></Error>

Ahh I had mistakenly renamed my file field "upload" rather than "file", thinking it was associated with the callback post to the app. restoring it to "file" made everything work groovy. May want to emphasize this in the doc.


I still get the same error, this is my HTML code:

<input id="asset" multiple="multiple" name="asset" type="file" />

Noted, will update doc.

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