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my callback_url seems to work great in development mode, but when deploying nothing gets triggered. Any reason why this may happen?

= s3_uploader_form callback_url: new_asset_url, key: "#{}/originals/${filename}", key_starts_with: "", id: "myS3Uploader"

I think it's the reverse no? Dev. doesn't work but Production does.
Because amazon try to call something like http://localhost:3000/assets/new when in dev. mode.

It works fine in development, but not in production. It appears that no call back is made. I would think that even if it tried calling back localhost:3000/assets/new the log file would show that, but nothing seems to happen on production.

I found what the issue is, in production, the code says:


Yet in development, or even on staging with heroku:

data-callback-method="POST" data-callback-param="file" data-callback-url=""

Very weird. I wonder how this can be, given that the same code is deployed to the same places.

I have data-post="null" on my dev machine.
Callback URL is not called. I specified my external ip address for the callback url.

s3_direct_upload (0.1.1)
      coffee-rails (>= 3.2.1)
      jquery-fileupload-rails (~> 0.4.1)
      rails (>= 3.2)
      sass-rails (>= 3.2.5)

Works as expected when installing the gem from source:

In your Gemfile:

gem 's3_direct_upload', :git => "git://"

Now run 'bundle install' to update to the latest version.


uberllama commented Mar 29, 2013

Hey guys. We're waiting on another pull request before pushing a new version, so the current doc is actually incorrect for the latest gem spec. You'll need to either use master or use the old parameter names.


waynehoover commented Apr 21, 2013

The gem has been updated, this issue should be fixed, please reopen if you are still having issues.

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